Diet Tips to Gain Weight Fast


Body Fitness is not necessary but a must for a person. It increases your daily stamina and you will see the change in your lifestyle. Just like a saying says that a sound body has a sound mind, so if you want to get a sound body, you must need to get a balanced diet and a workout plan. Some people work so hard in the gym to cut their body fat and get a shredded body and on the other side there are some people who want to get body muscle as no matter what they eat and what their workout plan is, they do not get a single pound on their body. You have to check by yourself about what are doing wrong. Your diet or workout plan, where are you getting wrong? Do you intake adequate calories and proper workout plan?

There are several medically proved studies and researches which caters the various ways to increase your weight fast. Instead of getting weight by taking steroids one must tend to the natural methods to gain muscle. Some studies claim that marijuana can help to gain weight fast as it increase the appetite of the person and more hunger means more food and it will eventually grow the weight of the person. Country like Canada has made Canada weed dispensary from where people can buy weed online Canada. In this article we have brought some necessary tips for skinny guys to bulk up fast and we are going to focus exclusively on diet and nutrition.

Once per Week

By once per week we mean to say that you should weigh yourself only once a week. Weighing is the only way to check if your diet is working or not and remember your goal is to get about half a pound per week or two pounds per month, since that is naturally our body’s limit to build muscles. So in case if you are getting weight a lot faster than that then, you are just gaining fat and if you are gaining weight less than that rate; you are probably not going to be bulking up or building any muscle at all. The only reason of weighing once a week is to not get confused and not get mental worry at all.

Note: Weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast and after going to latrine as it shows your real weight.

The 1-2 Rule

The 1-2 rule states that you need to be to eat a meal within 1-2 hours before and after your workout. There are a lot of different studies on pre-workout and post-workout nutrition. A few researchers found that a small serving of protein before workout is significant for maximizing muscle growth and while some stated that taking protein and carbs after the workout can be helpful in gaining weight. So, taking protein and carbs before and after the workout in gap of -1-2 hours is very prominent in gaining weight.

Focus on Calories

One of the most important things about your diet is that if you are taking the right amount of calories every day to maintain a slow steady weight gain. If you’re not eating the right amount of calories then, it does not matter how much protein you’re eating or how much sweat you are soaking in the gym, you are not going to see any progress in your body mass. If you have condition of not getting enough hunger then you can try Rockstar Strain as it works an appetizer for your body naturally.

Key Supplements

As we said earlier in this post that taking a proper diet and calories with exercise can help you to gain weight and body mass. If you are unable to get required calories from your daily diet routine then you can try medically proved supplements which supply sufficient calories and necessary vitamins and minerals to your body. Whey protein and other mass gainer play good role in increasing weight. Anavar is also believed to be one of the best supplements to gain body weight; you can buy Anavar online.

Keep It Simple

The last and main role is to keep all these things simple. Make sure that you are consistent with your overall calories regime and the basic workout plan. You need to figure out some workout plan and basic meals for you and then stick to that. Because gaining weight is gradual process and you need to be consistent, you don’t need variety if you want to successfully bulk up. You only need a simple plan that’s easy to stick to.

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