Diet For Dry Skin: 15 Best Foods That Lock Moisture Naturally


Chilly winter winds outside and dry hot heaters inside, both are a disaster for skin hydration. Local application of creams and moisturizing lotions work to a limit but for that hydrated, glowing skin in winters we need to nourish it from within.

Like any other body organ, the skin needs nutrients to stay healthy. Our skin isn’t just a thing of beauty, it performs many important functions. Skin is the primary organ that acts as a shield against mechanical, thermal and physical injuries. It also prevents excessive loss of moisture while preventing the entry of harmful agents into our body. One of the largest organs of the human body, its health is very important for the overall protection of our body.

Some of the important nutrients and foods that maintain the integrity of our skin are:
Healthy Fats

Fat-free diets don’t work for a healthy hydrated skin. Essential fatty acids are a part of the cell membrane and eating adequate healthy fats is important for a healthy skin.

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