Dallas’ Female Anchors Share Their Fitness Favorites


From sun up to sun down, Dallas’ favorite newsers are camera-ready in the studio and in the field. D Magazine caught up with local TV darlings to learn how they stay in shape, and when they workout while chasing stories amidst breaking news schedules. We even got a peek in some gym bags, and learned where these reporters and anchors are shopping for their favorite athleisure wear.

1. Hanna Battah

What time of day do you typically workout?
As early as possible. I have the most productive days when I workout in the morning.

Favorite healthy snack or meal?
Hummus and veggies, mandarin oranges and granola bars.

Any tips for people wanting to try a new fitness routine?
Don’t take yourself too seriously. It can be intimidating signing up for a new gym or picking up the weights for the first time, but if give yourself the credit for showing up and taking the time to invest in yourself, it becomes a lot more manageable and encouraging to push for new fitness goals.

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