Cyber experts warn Chinese tech giant poses a threat to Australian security


A HUGE Chinese firm with links to the communist government has big ambitions for Australia. Experts warn it’s seriously dangerous.THE word Huawei may have been cropping up on your news feed a fair bit recently.

Whether you’re concerned about foreign spies or faster internet, you’ll probably have an interest in this Chinese tech giant.Huawei has been embroiled in an ongoing battle with the Australian government. The firm has been bidding to take a role as our high-speed internet provider, but faces mistrust both within Canberra and around the globe.

At the same time, a new report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found the company is the biggest sponsor of overseas travel for Australia’s federal politicians.So, should we trust Huawei? Should the Australian government? And why might it pose a threat?

Here’s the lowdown:

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