Coronavirus: Anti-viral foods to build immunity and keep diseases away


With three confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (n-COV) in India, the focus remains on treatment as well as prevention of the deadly virus that is said to have its origin from a seafood market in China’s Wuhan.

As an epidemic that has already claimed more than 300 lives in China, there is an immediate need to take precautions, where the key is to focus on building one’s immunity as well as overall health.

Highlighting how it is important to not just follow basic hygiene guidelines, but also take steps to boost immunity, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho took to Instagram to share what should be done to prevent diseases like n-COV.

Take a look at his post below.

Here’s what he said.

“Learn how you can use your body’s natural defence mechanism, ‘immunity’, to prevent the deadly coronavirus infection,” he captioned the video post.

In the video, Coutinho said, “Since it is a virus which has never mutated in human beings before, there is no current solution to it. Prevention is the best way. How we keep our immune system strong will not just help us with Coronavirus but everyday bugs that exist all around us as well as pollution, contamination in food.”