Coffee Actually Has Some Serious Health Benefits


Everyone loves coffee (well, almost everyone). It’s the third most consumed beverage in the world (behind water and tea). Some people are hooked on it for the energy boost, others for the flavor. Some even savor a warm cup after a big meal, or pair it with dessert. You can have it hot, cold, strong, weak or in a shot. This drink is universally enjoyed, for good reason. But how many calories and how much caffeine does a cup of coffee actually have? And why is it so good for you? We dive into what coffee can do for your heart, brain, liver and mood. Spoiler: it’s good news for coffee drinkers.

Coffee Nutrition

Coffee has a lot going for it that is commonly overlooked. Here is the nutrition for one cup (8 ounces) of regular brewed coffee:

5 calories

1 gram protein

0 grams carbs

1 gram fiber

0 grams fat

Though it’s not full of macronutrients, coffee (on its own) is a low-calorie beverage that contains several potentially healthful components and is surprisingly high in several nutrients (who knew it had fiber!). Bear in mind, though that cream and sugar can add more calories that you realize, especially when you’re buying flavored coffee drinks from a coffee shop. Try to moderate additions to your coffee for the maximum health benefits. For those who don’t want to sacrifice the creamy flavor, try a nitro cold brew.

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