Celebrity Makeup Artists Only Use These 20 Eye Shadow Palettes


The perfect eye shadow palette can do so much. Some might call it the most versatile product in your makeup bag. Depending on the variety of colors in the palette, you can use just one or two hues to blend for everyday wear and then when you’re ready for a big night out, date night, or just want to a mix things up, you can take the boldest colors in the pack and go for a dramatic, eye-catching look.

So yeah, eye shadow palettes are pretty much a makeup lover’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to experiment and play with the endless possibilities? The hard part about all of this, though, is that there are so many options for you to choose from out there. Not a bad situation to be in, but if you’re shelling out some big bucks for a palette, you’re going to want to know it’s got some staying power and will be a go-to.

To help, I asked a bunch of celebrity makeup artists for the palettes they swear by for their own clients (and themselves). Take a look at their list—plus a few editors’ picks—below.

Nude Palettes

“For the most part I will always contour an eye to create depth, even if it’s minimal for a no-makeup makeup look. This palette is great for that, and I love it because it has a slight mauve-y pink undertone, which creates a wash of softness on the eyes.” — Emily Cheng, whose clients include Yara Shahidi and Julia Garner

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