Catalyst thinks green for latest fitness center in Amherst


Amy Bueme brings loads of energy to her workouts.

The co-owner of Catalyst Fitness brings an even greater level of enthusiasm to her fitness centers, as the seventh location in the regional chain will soon attest.

She and her husband, Joe, next month will open their largest Catalyst yet, this one at 281 Meyer Road in Amherst, in a former Dick’s Sporting Goods store along Maple Road near the Boulevard Mall.

A swath of turf will sit smack dab in the center.

“My vision for this club was having a football field in the middle of it,” Bueme said. “It’s because when I started putting turf into the clubs, people of every age loved being on it. They were lifting weights, pushing sleds, flipping tires. There’s just something about it. It makes you feel like an athlete, it makes you feel like you’re having fun. …

“I have light shining down on the turf, and blue light shining up into the sky to give it a really cool effect, like the Bills’ stadium.”