Bored of regular push-ups? Try the high-intensity Russian push-up


There are several variations of push-ups. A while ago, we saw Hardik Pandya ace jumping push-ups, with Virat Kohli taking the challenge a step further by adding a clap to each repetition. Among several other variations is Russian push-up which may not be that commonly performed but as fitness enthusiasts claim, makes for an entire core workout in just one round.

What is Russian push-up?
This form of workout is a mix of push-up and forearm plank. Russian push-up involves a swift and seamless back and forth between the two exercises. This workout not only tones the arms and shoulders but also engages all core muscles when you move in and out of the forearm plank position. It also strengthens the chest and muscle.

How to do Russian push-up
* Begin in the plank position with your shoulders directly above your wrists.

* Lower your body to a push-up. Your chest should be right above the floor.

* Now shift back into a forearm plank.

* Immediately shift to a low push-up position.

* Raise your back upwards into a high plank.

* Lower your body and repeat the steps without taking a break.

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