Blast Your Arms and Chisel Your Abs in One Workout


You don’t need to spend three hours in the gym to get a six-pack and bulging biceps and triceps.

Arms and abs.

It’s January, and it’s on your mind, and we totally get it. In the era of the superhero body (see Chris Evans’ Captain America and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor), it’s hard not to chase big arms and chiseled abs. Yes, you know you need your legs and back strong for long-term health, and for useful, day-to-day strength.

But like every guy come the start of 2020, you can’t help wanting a pair of jacked arms and a superhero six-pack. So while there’s other training you need to do (never forget back day or leg day, trust us), it’s arms and abs that you want to train.

Especially in January, when you’re just getting your fitness goals on track. And we get that, which is why we’re here to help, offering up a workout that’ll train the two things that you (and plenty of other guys, too, so don’t feel bad) want right now.

Your Core Should Always Be On

Why can arms and abs fit into the same workout? Because your core should always be on. Your “core” is really a 360-degree muscular unit that exists mostly between your ribcage and pelvis (although your glutes could also be considered part of the package in some cases). When we think of “core” movements, we think situps, crunches, and leg lifts.

But really, your midsection is about more than that. It stabilizes you in every direction. Think about screwing a Christmas tree into the base of a tree stand. It’s about stability in all directions.

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