Blake Lively drew fake shoes on her feet in an Instagram post with Ryan Reynolds where she was really barefoot


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds posted edited versions of photos they took on Thursday that showed Lively wearing shoes she drew on the image with her iPhone.
The celebrity couple, who posted photos after voting early ahead of the November presidential election, joked on their Instagram stories about the photo-editing.

In what at first appeared to be a photo editing faux-pas, Blake Lively joked on Instagram on Thursday about using her iPhone to draw fake shoes on her actually barefoot feet.

Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds both posted similar photos they took while dropping off their ballots early, ahead of the November election. In Reynolds’ version, Lively was barefoot. In Lively’s post, she appeared to have brown strappy high heels on, but the shoes were clearly drawn onto her feet.

After the husband and wife duo posted their pictures, Reynolds shared another version of the edited picture on his story, this time with Lively wearing drawn-on brown boots.

Lively re-posted the image onto her own story, tagging Louboutin and asking if the designer brand was hiring. “Barefoot iPhone doodler with vast experience avail,” she wrote.