Better Sleep Habits At A Time Of Lockdowns, Stress And Anxiety


A little over a year ago, the world came to a rude and sudden halt. As we all hid in our homes, we found ways to cope with a new and rather strange way of living. New normal was what they called it. It meant staying away from loved ones to keep them safe from the virus. It also entailed turning our private spaces into the center of our universe—office, workout studio, happy hour spot, learning and leisure center.

I also remember how during the first few weeks of lockdowns, most of us indulged in culinary adventures at home. Many took up baking or found the time to try out mom’s sinful recipes. This would later conceive quarantine food babies otherwise known as the Quarantine 15. Just the same, our sleeping habits also went from bad to unacceptable. Multifaceted lives BC (before Covid) were already dictated by a fast pace and high levels of pressures. The adage, “There’s no rest for the wicked,” had somehow prompted us to forgo a decent few hours of rest in the name of success.
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