Best Pumpkin Soup Recipe


This comforting and easy pumpkin soup recipe is a lifesaver when you’re short on time (or tuckered out from a day at the pumpkin patch). There’s nothing like a warm fall soup to satisfy cold-weather cravings that start to hit as the days get shorter and cute fall sweaters take over your wardrobe. While there are plenty of pumpkin soup ideas with fancy ingredients, our savory pumpkin soup with canned pumpkin keeps things simple using just a few pantry staples. Canned pumpkin purée and heavy cream make this soup ultra creamy, while sautéed onion and a hint of pumpkin pie spice lend just the right amount of sweetness. A few glugs of chicken broth bring it all together, so make sure you’re using your favorite (low sodium!) store-bought brand or good homemade chicken broth.

How do you make pumpkin soup from scratch?

Not counting olive oil or salt, this recipe uses just 5 (!) ingredients that easily come together in under 10 minutes, so you can have a satisfying meal in less time than it takes to come up with the perfect fall Instagram caption (for all your pumpkin patch pics, of course). Even better, it uses just one pot and absolutely zero blending, and yields ace leftovers that last for days. Plus, the ingredient substitution options are endless, so you can customize your cup of soup just the way you like it.