Basic Full Body Workout You Can Do at Home


This total body home workout is perfect for working the entire body with no muss, no fuss. All you need are a few sets of dumbbells and these basic exercises. All of these moves will hit the major muscles of your body, including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abs in a short period of time. It includes all the classic exercises and can be done in a short period of time. This is a great workout option when you are crunched for time, but still want to get the job done.

Total Body Home Workout with Dumbbells


See your doctor before trying this workout if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions.

Equipment Needed

Various weighted dumbbells, a bench or step (you can use the floor if you don’t have one)

How To

Beginners: Start with no weight or light weights and do 1 set of 14-16 reps of each exercise

Intermediate/Advanced: Do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps with enough weight that you can ONLY complete the desired number of reps

Warm up with 5 minutes of light cardio or warm up versions of each exercise.

Substitute or skip any exercises that cause pain or discomfort.