An Alternate National Food Mandate


Here is my National Mandate. Close all fast food chains. Put orange cone road blocks on all Dunkin’ Donuts drive thrus. Ban the sale of Coke and Pepsi. The war was not between those two Colas, it was a war against the human body.

The masks mask the elephant in the room. No human being can make a potent immune system with a diet of processed food and sugar. This promiscuous virus seems to have a field day with the the obese and the immune compromised. The national and world wide addiction to sugar presents a feeding frenzy for a virus which, like all viruses, feed on sugar. Where are the scientists and leaders who can guide the populations of the world to actually combat the virus by starving it and also by strengthening its targets? We are told to behave like boxers in a corner with our gloves up to our face as we are pummeled.

We need to resuscitate the slogan Resist and put it at the center of our actual physical bodies. The Thymus gland makes T-cells. Thymus is a Greek word for courage and anger; two strong words that will strengthen resistance.