Almond Milk and See If You Can Taste the Difference


Many a great smoothie leans on milk or yogurt or both for creaminess and oomph. But if you’re following a plant-based diet or merely trying to eat a bit less dairy, both ingredients are off the table. No matter: The beauty of smoothies is how flexible they are, and can win the same creaminess and oomph from vegan ingredients.

For heft and heartiness without dairy, smoothies need ingredients like nuts and nut butters, seeds, oats, bananas (which are creamy and rich all on their own), and almond milk, which is an easy substitute for dairy milk in any smoothie. (Keep in mind that using sweetened almond milk will make your smoothie sweeter — if that’s not what you want, stick to unsweetened varieties.) If you’re used to adding yogurt to smoothies, you may want to add a hit of zippy citrus juice, which will give your drink the pleasantly sour tang yogurt once did.

As a bonus, without dairy’s somewhat muting qualities, the flavors of your other ingredients will really be able to shine. You may find you don’t miss the milk and yogurt at all! Take a gander at this smoothie primer, then try these completely dairy-free smoothie recipes.