Alkaline diet: rejuvenate cells and prevent diseases


An alkaline diet can have a lot of benefits for our health. I read a book entitled “The Alkaline cure” when I was younger to try to change some bad habits in my life, but the challenge was so big, that I wanted to know more about it. I spoke with Lisa, who explained more about the process and what this type of diet consists of.

“We are born alkaline, our perfect PH is 7.36, but we often end up following an extremely acidic base, which lowers the alkalinity levels of our body, with harmful effects on our health”, said Lisa Morrissey, B.Sc.Dip Acu & TCM, Cert Clin. Med.

Different types of food can have an effect on the PH balance of the body. Certain foods can affect the acidity of the body, and that change in PH can therefore be used to treat or prevent disease. “For the body, the perfect PH in 7.36 and there are some foods with exactly the same PH that the body is supposed to have.” Coconut water is one of those foods: “Coconut water has exactly the same PH that is found in the body, so when you drink it, it keeps you in perfect balance”, explained the specialist.