A World Record HIIT Class Could Come This Month


He wants to work(out) his way into the Guinness World Record book.

Are you the type of person that needs to be in a big group when you get your sweat on? Your fantasy workout will take place later this month, when fitness personality Joe Wicks attempts to break the world record for largest HIIT class on October 26 during Dubai’s Fitness Challenge.

Wicks is no rookie to these large scale events—he already holds the record for the world’s largest HIIT class, which took place at London’s Hyde Park back in 2017. That workout saw over over 3,000 people jumping and sweating along with the host. Wicks is hoping to double that number for his Dubai workout, aiming for over 6,000 participants, according to What’s On Dubai. He hasn’t yet given information about how to join or take part in the potentially record-breaking workout, but surely that information will be available in the near future if you keep an eye on his Instagram.

High-intensity interval training can be a super efficient way to get in shape without spending a ton of time in the gym, which make them a go-to for large scale fitness classes. We heard from someone who was able to use HIIT workouts as part of a regimen that helped them lose 50 pounds earlier this year. Want to give the protocol a try? This workout, courtesy of Men’s Health fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., via ToneHouse trainer Alonzo Wilson, is a solid place to start. Just make sure that you only take on two to three HIIT workouts a week.

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