A single workout can boost your metabolism for these many days


We all need motivation to get out of our bed and go to the gym. If you are looking for a reason to be regular, we are here to help you. Going to the gym just once pays off in more ways than one, for much longer than anyone thought. Here is everything that a single workout can do:

​The study

According to a new study by UT Southwestern Medical Center, a single workout can boost your metabolism for up to two days. Don’t be shocked, you read that right.


In the study, researchers from the UT Southwestern Medical Center studied the effect of exercise on the brain. It specifically studied the effect of two neurons – POMC neuron, which is linked to reduced appetite, lower blood sugar levels and increased energy burn and NPY/AgRP, which increases the appetite and slows down the metabolism.

The study was conducted on mice. Their brain circuit activity was measured while they followed various training regimens for up to 10 days.


It was found that a single workout (consisting of three 20-minute treadmill runs) can boost the activity of POMC neurons and inhibit the counterpart NPY/AgRP neuron for up to two days.

The good news is that with each successive day, the positive effect on the neurons lasted longer.

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