A Single Russian Push-Up Is Like a Full Core Workout


Even though basic push-ups already bring on an impressive arm burn, they’ve got nothing on some of the ultra-hard variations out there. Before today, I didn’t think there was anything that could make me sweat more than dive bomber and half-split push-ups, but then I was introduced to the Russian push-up—a move that basically gives you an entire core workout in a single rep. Nope, I’m not even slightly exaggerating.

The Russian push-up is a mix of a push-up with a forearm plank. Separately, the two moves are easy to manage. But in this sequence, you’re shifting back and forth between the two in swift, seamless motions—something that looks a lot easier in the video below. (Trust me, I tried.) Aside from strengthening and toning your arms and shoulders, completing the exercise successfully also requires the help of all the muscles in your core—especially as you move in and out of the forearm plank position.

While you don’t see Russian push-ups in workouts very often, that should change. It’s clearly an all-star exercise worthy of being added to every routine.

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