8 underrated eating tips that can help you get healthier


Confused by food labels or the dizzying amount of nutrition advice you read online and over social media? One food and health survey found that eight out of 10 Americans notice conflicting information about what to eat, which can make it feel overwhelming to figure it out. When it comes to food and nutrition principles, sometimes basic is best. Here are eight underrated tips that can help you get healthier.

1. Eat a mix of food groups

Your body functions best when it gets a mix of foods at meals and snacks. Rather than, say, filling up on a big bowl of pasta, your meal will keep you fuller for longer and provide a broader range of nutrients if you have a smaller bowl of noodles along with some produce, protein and fat — whether stirred into the noodles or eaten alongside them.

By helping you control hunger, this strategy can aid in managing your weight and provide a steady stream of energy so you remain alert and productive between meals.

2. Become portion aware

The following cues will help you become more aware of healthy portion sizes. Soon, you’ll be able to eyeball the difference between four cups of pasta and one cup. If you’re served an oversized amount, you can adjust as you see fit.

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