8 Real Women Reveal How They Learned to Embrace Their Gray Hair


For some, discovering that first gray hair is a moment of disappointment; others embrace it. Here, eight women open up about their personal journeys to finding the silver lining in going gray.

Tennille Murphy

42, Los Angeles; influencer at TheTennilleLife.com

First gray: 23 years old


Gray-hair journey: I found my first gray right after I had my second daughter. I had mixed emotions. I was embarrassed, frustrated, and I wasn’t ready to embrace it. I’m also naturally curly and had just gotten to a happy place with my curls. When I got one white hair, I cut it out. After two and three, the graying became an official thing. I dyed my hair, but then I noticed that my curls were not happy, so I just let it go.

Transitioning tips: I just let time take care of it. In the beginning, I had some white hair in front. After a couple of years, the white spread to my temples; then the new hairs were white. It was a gradual progression over time—it took me 20 years to get to this point.

Why I love it: I definitely have a hair crush on my curls. It’s a lot to be a naturally curly girl and full-on love your hair, and it’s another level to have white curls that don’t correlate with your age. But it feels so liberating—it’s one thing I don’t have to think twice about. It almost feels like a superpower! My hair’s not in control of me. I like seeing myself in the mirror that way; I like celebrating a simpler, more natural me.