8 pro beauty tips for glowing skin in winter


Maintaining a healthy daily skin care regime becomes essential to protect your skin from the harmful environmental stressors and harsh weathers. With a drop in the temperature, it is important to adhere to cleansing, mild toning, and nourishing to keep the skin protected against the cold winds. Here are 8 essential skin care tips to help build the barrier against the chafing winds and climate change.

1. This season, the skin moves towards dryness, dehydration, seasonal breakouts and dullness with weakened protective balance, so surge into a good amount of nourishment for your skin. Switch to a more moisturizing cleanser which is rich in squalene & glycol proteins. One can follow it up with an alcohol-free toner with soothing properties.

2. One can also use mild micellar cleansing water with a hydrating effect to gather the stubborn dirt on the skin. It is bliss in this transition season.

3. Opt for a plant-based serum which boosts the hydration levels of your skin due to changing humid levels around you.

4. Adding a powerful antioxidant such as pure Vitamin C based serums for enhanced radiance and glow is a must use to address the transition in weather.

5. One must include oil-based serums in daily regime to protect your skin during the day and indulge in repair and rejuvenation process during the night.

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