7 Skincare and Makeup Tips Priyanka Chopra Swears By


Her lipstick hack is genius.

It’s hard to believe someone who looks like Priyanka Chopra ever felt insecure, but she insists she wasn’t always the glamorous, glowing global superstar we all know now. “Growing up, I had very low self-esteem,” she tells Women’s Health. “I always felt different. I was insecure into my 20s, unsure of who I was.” In her 30s, she had a revelation: “You’re not born with confidence; you have to teach yourself to be confident.” One way she did that? Give herself pep talks in the mirror. “I told myself every single day that I’m good at my job,” she says. “There’s a confidence from knowing you’re good at something.”

Th actress-activist also builds self confidence by indulging in rituals that bring her joy. “It’s really important to feel happy to feel confident. And happiness lies in the smallest of things,” she shares. “Whenever I’m having a down day, I eat my favorite meal, wash off my makeup and apply an amazing moisturizer, have a shower, or meet up with people I love and who love me. These little things are such luxuries and make me feel good.”

Knowing her self care connection to beauty, it makes sense that she’d partner with a skincare brand like Obagi. As their brand ambassador and face of “Skinclusion,” she fronts a global campaign to champion diversity in beauty.

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