7 of the best exercises to build arm muscle, according to a personal trainer


To build-up arm muscle, personal trainer Monica Jones recommends focusing on strength and resistance training.
Some of the best exercises to build arm muscle are chin-ups, push-ups, tricep extensions, and bench curls.

Upper body strength is helpful for a host of regular activities, from household chores such as lifting the groceries and raking the leaves to everyday actions like picking up your kids or walking your dog on a leash. Any activity where you have to push, pull, lift, or reach requires your arm muscles.

Even if you can accomplish daily tasks with your current level of arm strength, you may still wish to build muscle tone and definition to look sleek and trim in a sleeveless top or T-shirt. Moreover, building arm muscle can boost your metabolism and reduce your chances of injury.

Find out more about the best methods of building the look and strength of arm muscles.

The five main arm muscles
There are five main muscles in the arms:

Biceps brachii in the upper arm
Brachialis in the upper arm
Brachioradialis in the forearm
Coracobrachialis in the forearm
Triceps brachii in the upper arm