7 Benefits of Using Green Tea For Skin


Green tea is one of the most loved skincare ingredients on the market, and for good reason. It’s thought to have first been discovered in China, where green tea leaves were used for medicinal purposes (including digestive issues, headaches, and inflammation, according to Dermascope).

Today, you’ll find green tea in creams, lotions, serums, sunscreen, anti-acne regimens, and other products. If you’re not already, consider adding green tea to your skincare regimen for benefits that are not only centuries-old, but are also totally in-step with a nontoxic, clean beauty routine. Top dermatologists and skincare experts agree that this list of green tea benefits is practically endless, including clearer, more even skin.

Green tea is chock-full of health benefits, from antioxidant vitamins to antibacterials and anti-inflammatories. Literature from the National Institutes of Health cite the chemical composition of green tea—and in particular the catechins found within—which make it such a powerful metabolic agent capable of cell rejuvenation. (Anything that can improve function on a cellular level is a goldmine when it comes to skincare.) Ahead, three dermatologists and an esthetician share the exact benefits of green tea for skin, plus top product recommendations.

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