6 tips to lose weight before summer hits


The unofficial start of summer marks the beginning of the season of popping top. It is the gateway through which we pass from the land of clothed bodies into the valley of naked torsos, and the elusive finish line for that workout routine you began on January 1st and followed all the way to the glistening six-pack (abs, not beer, but also maybe beer) that awaited you at the end.

What’s that? You didn’t start a workout routine? Of course you didn’t. No one did, because resolutions are impossible. But if summer’s arrival has you feeling behind and panicked, you’ve got two options: Say “Screw it, it’s nice out, time to kick back and enjoy the sun,” or realise that this is actually the best time get in shape: The days are long and beautiful, which is great for outdoor and indoor exercise alike. (Think about it: Spending an hour at the gym right now only uses 1/15th of your daylight hours, as opposed to basically all of them in winter.)

For help sticking with a schedule this time around, we spoke with Gunnar Peterson, celebrity fitness coach and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Director of Strength and Endurance, and Joe Holder, performance specialist and health consultant to a lot of people you probably follow on Instagram. Use these six tips to get you primed for summer 2020.

6 tips to lose weight

1. Build progressively. Successes will compound.

“Figure out some things that don’t overwhelm you at first, that you know you can improve, and really focus on those,” says Holder. “And then build from there.”

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be consistent. For example, commit to drinking a gallon of water a day, every day, for seven days. The second week, stretch daily for fifteen minutes. Even though your primary goal is no longer water consumption, you’ll probably still drink more of it during that second week than you would have before—and you’ll be stretching, too. Good habits add up.

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