6 Tips From Conor McGregor’s Diet & Fitness Routine


There are few people in the world who can fight in the UFC and even fewer people in the UFC who are knockout artists like the Notorious Conor McGregor.

How does he do what he does so well? It’s in part thanks to his natural skillset, but his intense training regimen and his diet are also key reasons why he’s been able to get to the top and stay there. Here are 6 things that Conor McGregor does to stay in shape.

1. Mobility is king

McGregor and his gym mates have been early adopters of fitness guru Ido Portal’s “Movement Culture“, a fitness regimen and lifestyle choice that simply prioritizes your body’s movement abilities. Although Nate Diaz, who beat McGregor at UFC 196, called the workout “touch-butt in the park”, McGregor has sworn by the routine for years.

2. Don’t skip cardio

After McGregor lost to Diaz at UFC 196, one of the reasons that he cited for the loss was because he was “inefficient with his energy”, or in a word, he got tired. Diaz has amazing cardio himself and after the fight, Diaz told McGregor that he needed to work on his cardio.

Surely enough, for the rematch, McGregor did just that and McGregor relentlessly worked on his cardio in preparation for the fight. It worked too, as McGregor went 5 rounds with Diaz and won the decision.

3. Eat clean, eat simple

When it comes to food, McGregor prefers to keep things simple. Clean foods are the best way to describe his overall diet, as he skips processed and fast food as much as he can. He eats a variety of things too, from fatty chocolates to nutritious kale, and even some butternut squash.

As with many other athletes, proteins are prioritized in his diet, and he gets his protein from meat as well as from drinks. When he’s not drinking protein shakes though, again, he keeps things clean with just plain water or sometimes coconut water. That said, he’s still human and he still enjoys a cup of Americano in the morning.