5 ‘unhealthy’ habits that can actually be good for you


Beating yourself because you didn’t make that spin class? Feeling guilty for finishing that last bite of your ice cream cone?

A lot of us keep a mental tally of all the healthy and not-so-healthy everyday habit, but it’s time to stop the cycle. Read on, because, you’re going to feel a whole lot better when you’re done.

1. Skipping a workout

This is a sign that your body might need a rest. I’m not giving you excuse mongers another reason to get cozy with your couch and Netflix, but I am saying that you just may need a break.

The key is to know when your muscles need to recover versus when you just want to scroll through your Instagram feed.

If you’ve done a super-strenuous workout the day before, like a long run or heavy lift, your body may need to recover to actually have a better workout the following day. When you over train, you can put yourself at risk for decreased immunity, disrupted sleep and poor exercise performance. Our muscles recover, rebuild and repair during rest periods. This is where what you eat comes to play, as well. A happy medium in most cases is to take your workout down a notch — try a walk or do a light yoga session.

2. Indulging
You may think having willpower is key to your weight loss and better health, but I’m going to squash that idea and tell you to indulge. That’s right, go find your favorite chocolate chip cookie, garlic bread or grandma’s risotto now.

Indulging may be your waistline’s new best friend. Making conscious indulgences is part of being an empowered eater and can keep you motivated, reduce stress and less likely to binge later. And, oh yeah, it can also make you happy

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