5 start-up exercises for fitness enthusiasts that can be performed at home


When it comes to being health conscious, only about 1.6 per cent of the population supposedly takes their health and well-being seriously. The biggest reason being that fitness is still not considered a necessity; it’s linked to luxury. On top of that, the taxation policy makes membership to fitness centres and community swimming pools prohibitive, making it all the more difficult for regular people to indulge in fitness-based activities.

Providing good quality fitness expertise is an expensive task, to say the least. And when you are low on cash, it is best ignored (unfortunately).

We asked Ashish Gupta, fitness expert and Director, Gold’s Gym, Gurgaon, to tell us the top five exercises needed for a full-body workout, and this is what he said, “One does not need a complete gym at home to start working out. It is a common excuse that if we have good machinery, then we will feel motivated to work out. Mostly expensive machinery is used to hang clothes after a while. One should start with the most basic exercises, which are great to keep you in shape.”

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