5 Exercises to strengthen your core at home and enhance the endurance


For better performance and higher endurance, it is important to work on our core while doing the workout. So, here are some easy exercises to perform at home to strengthen your core.

Strengthening the core is to give support to our back, have a proper form and enhance our endurance while doing any physical activity. While performing any sport also, it is highly important to maintain a strong core which gives us the ability to perform better. So, here are 5 easy exercises to strengthen your core.

Exercises to strengthen your core:


Plank is the most common move to increase your body core and it is included in ab routines and fitness classes. Plank has many variations also like side planks, raised planks, etc. Along with maintaining our core, planks also work on all the muscles. Check the video below to practice it.

Bird Dogs

This will strengthen our core with contraction and balance. This will train our whole core and make the lower back strong. Here’s shown in the video how to perform Bird Dogs move.

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