5 clean beauty products worth a purchase


Do you know what you’re putting on your skin? What harsh chemicals are you using day in and day out to wash your hair? What about the toxins lurking in your mascara?

The clean beauty movement is no fad, but educating yourself is important: The European Union has banned over 1,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products, but the United States has banned only 11. More and more consumers are becoming conscious of the products they’re using and researching the ingredients that go into them. It’s widely understood that much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, so it’s vital that we’re smart about what we’re using on our bodies.

Below we’ve rounded up five clean beauty products, void of chemicals and toxins, we’re purchasing right now:

What: Act + Acre Travel Set, $85

Why we’re buying it: The all-clean haircare brand from celebrity hairstylist Helen Reavey, who has worked with everyone from Gigi Hadid to Harry Styles, created Act + Acre haircare with her husband Colm to change the way we think about our scalp health. Not only are Reavey’s products void of any chemicals, their patented cold process method, without any heat, ensures the effectivity of the ingredients used. Act + Acre’s newest launch, which includes travel-sized shampoo, conditioner and a hair turban, lets clean beauty lovers stay true to the movement, even when away from home.

What:Côte Nail Polish, $19.95

Why we’re buying it: From its nail polishes to in-house treatments, Côte is dedicated to clean and organic ingredients. The brand has figured out a way to replace the formaldyhyde (which acts as a nail hardener), toluene, (used as a smoother) and camphor (used for shine), often found in drugstore nail polishes with cleaner and more natural constituents. The polish still delivers long-lasting results even without these additives and can be found on Amazon.

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