40 Health Habits Jennifer Lopez Lives By


So this is why she looks SO YOUNG.

It pretty much goes without saying, but Jennifer Lopez is #healthgoals on so many levels. She regularly crushes it at the gym, she follows a healthy diet, and she’s basically a living, breathing ad for living a healthy lifestyle. Also, have you seen the woman lately? She’s 50 and she looks like she’s in her 20s. With that in mind, Women’s Health is breaking down J.Lo’s biggest health habits. Try one or steal them all to inject a little more J.Lo into your life.

Don’t skimp on abs workouts.

J.Lo’s trainer told O, the Oprah Magazine that the singer’s abs workout consists of a set of 50 hanging ab raises followed by 50 rope crunches and 50 incline sit ups with a 45-pound plate. Then, she does another set of 35 each, followed by a third set of 21 each. Oh, and she doesn’t take breaks.

Challenge yourself.

Jennifer and her fiance Alex Rodriguez came up with a 10-day challenge, and whew—it sounded intense. “It’s no sugar, no carbs,” J.Lo explained on the TODAY show. “Anything that has sugar and carbs in it, you cannot have.” J.Lo and A-Rod both said it was tough to stick with the diet, but J.Lo said she liked how she felt so much that she might do it again.

Share pics of your progress.

J.Lo regularly shared photos on Instagram of progress during her 10-day challenge, including this shot of her ridiculous body.

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