4 Yummy Ways To Have Boiled Eggs For Breakfast


Breakfast is one of the key highlights of the day. You know you are up for a good start if you are truly satisfied with your breakfast, so why make it a boring affair? We understand you cannot churn out indulgent delicacies every day, but no one said you have to stick to an omelette and butter toast every day, right? There are plenty of things you can do with your regular breakfast staples if you are willing to explore and experiment. Those who are fond of eggs, especially, have a slight edge here. Not only eggs are high in protein and other nutrients but they are also super versatile.

High Protein Diet: Eggs For Weight Loss

Eggs may help support healthy weight management in a huge way. They help restore metabolic balance and keep you full. Eggs are also said to be the best source of bio-available protein. In other words, our body finds it easy to assimilate protein from eggs. If you are into fitness, you would know protein plays a crucial part in sustainable weight loss; it helps induce satiety. Feeling full leads to lesser bingeing, which further helps accelerate weight loss.

Protein also helps put a check on cravings and regulates the hunger hormone ghrelin. Another function of protein is to build muscle, and the more muscle you have lesser the room there is for fat to accumulate.

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