4 Top Nutritionists Reveal Their Complete Skin-Care Routines


Nutritionists are all about nourishing the body from the inside-out, relying on the myriad vitamins and minerals we find in foods like fruits and vegetables to get glowing healthy skin. This isn’t to say they aren’t big believers in topical skin-care benefits, too, though. In fact, Allure tapped four registered nutritionists to find out how they care for their complexions, and their responses were just as legit as the answers we received from aestheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.Curious to know what these food gurus do to their skin from start to finish? Just keep on scrolling.

Keri Gans

New York City-based nutritionist Keri Gans is obsessed with trying new products and switches up what she uses based on what her skin needs. Most mornings, however, she starts off by washing her face with Laura Mercier’s Purifying Cleansing Oil, which contains hydrating ingredients like glycerin to keep the skin moisturized.

When it’s time to remove her makeup, she Gans reaches for Renee Rouleau’s Eye Makeup Remover and toning cloths. “I find that many brands of eye makeup remover make my eyes sensitive and tear afterward, but not with Renee’s,” she says. She then follows up with the same Laura Mercier cleanser from her a.m. routine, as it’s super gentle on her skin and excellent at removing any lingering makeup.

Lisa DeFazio

Unlike Gans, registered nutritionist Lisa DeFazio prefers to stick to just one line of products her aesthetician recommended to her. “I have to admit my skin-care routine is pretty simple,” she says. “I use all Arcona products, including the Dry Ice Hydrating Gel, Reozone Sunscreen SPF 40, and the Triad Toner Pads.”

DeFazio’s evening skin-care routine is as simple as her morning regimen. She follows the same steps as above using her Arcona staples — minus the sunscreen. Twice a week, however, she’ll do a deeper exfoliation with a physical scrub. Her go-to is Arcona’s Cranberry Gommage, which contains blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry enzymes to aid in unclogging pores and resurfacing the skin.

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