30 Exceptional Beauty Tips for Eyebrows!!


30 Exceptional Beauty Tips For Eyebrows You’ll Wish You Had Known Sooner!!

Nothing has the power to dramatically and quite magically alter your appearance like a perfect set of brows. Simply put, the way you shape and fill your eyebrows can do a myriad of flattering things to enhance your beauty: create more balance to your face, help your features look more defined, make you appear younger, more sophisticated, or even like you just stepped off the editorial runway!!! Yassss you better work those arches!! Now, just as easily as the perfect brow can enhance your looks, a case of brows gone wrong can leave you looking, well, almost frightful! However, there’s nothing a few beauty tips can’t fix…ultimately leading you on your way to a gorgeous set of eyebrows!

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The Road To Achieving Brow Perfection

First, let me give you a little of my “brow” history if you will. I inherited my eyebrows from my father’s genes. Thick, curly, and wild!! I’ve grown to love them, but in my teens, I was determined to pluck them to oblivion!

I look back at old photos shaking my head. Talk about a brow mishap! I really needed to step away from the tweezers, but I just didn’t know any better.

In my 20’s, I became rather particular about them. Wanting to keep them on the thicker side, I wouldn’t just let anyone touch them. Having seen several rather wax-happy estheticians, I learned the rather hard way that I needed to stick to shaping my brows myself.

You see, for my face, the most flattering look is a thick, defined brow. One or two hairs plucked too thin can seriously throw a monkey wrench in my brow game!!!!!!

In my 30’s, as a makeup artist, I learned quite a bit about shaping other people’s eyebrows: how to fix brows gone wrong and most importantly, how to use them to naturally enhance a woman’s features.