25 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids


It’s important for kids to eat a healthy breakfast to refuel their bodies after sleep, as their brains and bodies are still developing (1Trusted Source).

Yet, 20–30% of children and adolescents tend to skip this meal.

A healthy breakfast can be quick and easy for you or your child to make. Breakfasts can also be made ahead of time, and some are portable for eating on the go.

Here are 25 simple and healthy breakfast options for kids.

Egg-Based Breakfasts

Eggs are a staple breakfast item, as they’re easy to prepare, versatile, and packed with high-quality protein and other nutrients.

The protein in eggs is especially important for growing children because it helps build muscles and tissues.

Also, compared with cereal, eggs may keep kids feeling more full throughout the morning.

What’s more, egg yolks are a source of antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, which benefit eye and brain health.

One study in 8- and 9-year-old children found that those who ate more lutein-rich foods had higher levels of lutein in their retinas. This was associated with improved academic performance, including better scores in math and written language.

Here are some scrumptious ways to serve eggs for breakfast.

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