21 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Skip Breakfast


To eat breakfast or to not eat breakfast—that is the real question. There are those who can’t start their day without a bowl of oatmeal or a hearty serving of eggs. And there are others who are grossed out by the thought of any type of food passing their lips before lunch. So, who is right and who is wrong? The shocking answer is that both camps make compelling arguments both for and against the meal once known as the most important of the day. And not eating breakfast doesn’t have an all negative effect on your body—there are many positive benefits too.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that may happen when you skip breakfast. Just be sure that if you do decide to eat something in the morning, it’s not any of The Worst Breakfast Foods You Should Never Start Your Day With.

1. You Put Yourself at Risk for Diseases
According to Kristi King, a senior clinical dietitian at Texas Children’s Hospital, breakfast skippers have been found to have a “higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, higher risk of obesity due to insulin resistance and hormone regulation, as well as increased risk for heart attacks and hypertension.” Yikes! Be sure you’re staying away from any of these 50 Foods That Can Cause Heart Disease.

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