21 Half-Face Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Perfectly Extra


PSA: Halloween is basically here, so the time to figure out your costume is right TF now. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking of skipping that big, elaborate costume this year (2020 has been a bit much, YFM?) and instead going for something you can easily DIY. So allow me to introduce you to a genius idea you’ll absolutely love: half-face Halloween makeup.

Like, yes, half-face makeup definitely requires a bit of skill and patience, but they’re an easy alternative to the more traditional Halloween costumes that require a ton of bells and whistles (i.e. outfit, shoes, hair, the whole nine yards). And considering Halloween is going to look a whole lot different this year—socially distant Zoom parties, anyone?—half-face makeup feels like just enough effort for staying home. So if you need a little inspiration, you’re in luck. Ahead, I rounded up the 21 coolest half-face makeup ideas that are guaranteed to look perfect for October 31. Keep scrolling and screenshot your faves.