21 Beautiful Haircuts for Long Hair


When you’ve got major inches, you’ve also got major options when it comes to your long hair. But that all depends on if you care to play with layering or bangs. Maybe you need a one-length cut to give your fine hair some volume. Or perhaps you could use a chop that will play well with your ringlets. If you’re willing the shell out the cash, you might even want to add some super long extensions just to be extra.

No matter what you want to do with your long hair, there’s a perfect cut out there just waiting for you to discover it; and since the options are so many, a little guidance is helpful. We looked to the stars for inspiration and asked the pros for the real tea on some of the best haircuts out there for long hair. Because if you’re going to head to the salon, it’s good to know in advance what you actually want to do once you get there. Here, a few of our favorite cuts for long strands — and how to get them.

Sideswept Curls

Don’t let anyone tell you that curly hair is best kept short. Shakira embraces her texture here with a cut that flatters her next-level volume. The side part is chopped up into slightly shorter face-framing angles, while the rest is long layers and tapered curls.

Brushed-Out Curls

SZA’s take on texture involves a whole lot of volume. Her layered cut helps her curls keep their shape without going into triangle hair territory — the overall look is lush with a whole lot of bounce. Ask your stylist for “just a little face framing and very long layers to keep weight in the perimeter,” says Darby Backes, hairstylist at Whiteroom in Brooklyn. When it’s styled, the cut will look very full, especially for medium to thick hair textures like SZA’s.

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