20 Best High-Calorie Healthy Foods For Weight Gain


Are you finding it tough to gain weight? Do you want to add the right amount of curves to your body and take your confidence level a notch up? Then, you HAVE to consume high-calorie healthy foods. Because ironically, junk foods and healthy fats don’t work for those who want to gain weight. To put on pounds, consume foods that will help build lean muscle mass, increase bone density, balance hormones, and add a little subcutaneous fat to give a healthy sheen to the skin. This article lists 20 such foods and a few tips to help you gain weight in a few weeks. Don’t delay, swipe up!

20 High-Calorie Healthy Foods For Weight Gain

1. Eggs
Whole eggs are a loaded with nutrients. The protein present in the egg albumin helps build lean muscle mass, and the water and fat-soluble vitamins (B, C, A, D, E, and K) balance your hormones, improve cell function, and increase bone density (1), (2).

You can have two whole eggs per day. Bodybuilders consume 6 eggs per day, but if you are not a bodybuilder, avoid consuming so many eggs. Do not exceed the limit of 4-5 eggs per week.

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