15 Best Ab Workouts for Women, According to Top Fitness Experts


The phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” definitely holds true, but certified personal trainer and Gold’s AMP coach Ally McKinney says that ab workouts for women can also help to reduce low back pain, build stability, and improve our posture.

Not only is your core the center of your entire body, but it’s utilized in practically every single movement that you make and plays a huge role in your overall strength. A weak core can lead to other muscles overcompensating and puts us at a greater risk for injury.

While many of us may try to rush through an ab workout, remember that slow is always best when it comes to core exercises. Slow down, move with control, and breath through each movement.

Fitness Experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute teamed up with the top fitness trainers and professional athletes to bring you the best ab workout moves to add to your exercise routine.

Try this format for a great 10 minute workout routine at home:

Pick three moves from the exercises listed below.

Perform the movement for 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off.
Repeat four times through for each movement to complete one full set.
Rest for one minute in between sets before switching to the next movement.