13 Celebrity Moms Who Got Sentimental Tattoos For Their Kids


For Mother’s Day, it’s become customary for your child to pay you a visit, send you a handwritten card that will inevitably bring you to tears, or gift you a relaxing spa treatment. But just because it’s tradition for them to shower you with presents on the special day doesn’t mean you can’t treat herself to a little something, too — like a tattoo.

Whether you’re already covered in ink or you’re looking for your very first tattoo, there are plenty of options for mothers — and moms-to-be — out there. You could scroll through Instagram for hours until you find the right design, or you could cut through all the noise and immediately go to the best source of inspiration: Hollywood.

Chrissy Teigen, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Alba are just a few of the celebrity moms that have honored their children with a permanent — and sentimental — messages. Keep reading for more tattoo inspiration from celebrity moms.

Olivia Wilde’s Constellation

In 2018, L.A. tattoo artist Dr. Woo added this starry design to Wilde’s forearm. To some, it might look like any ordinary constellation tattoo, but the Booksmart director wrote in her Instagram caption that it’s actually dedicated to her son, Otis.

Chiara Ferragni’s Angel

Ferragni added an angelic tribute to her son, Leo, in a spot she’ll see every single day: the top of he

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