12 Best Neck Creams To Fight Tech and Turkey Neck


If you’re guilty of looking at your phone for long hours, your neck might be suffering.

Are you taking care of your neck? While it may seem like a funny question, the skin below our chin is just as delicate as the skin above it, and is equally as vulnerable to sun damage, age spots, sagging, and wrinkling over time.

Whether your concern is “turkey neck” (the term used to describe the sagging or loosening of skin around the chin) or “tech neck” (the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting from constantly straining or necks to look at our computers or phones), it’s time to invest in your precious neck skin.

Start showing some love with a dedicated cream. Ahead, we combed through reviews and scoured the top-rated ones on Amazon and Dermstore so you don’t have to.

Tightening Neck Cream

This bestseller is the holy grail of neck creams. Slather it all over your neck and décolleté and expect minimized wrinkles, firmer texture, and an overall smoother feel. One reviewer claimed it even delayed her aging process—”I am 66, almost 67, and when I recently started talking about retiring, I found [out]my coworkers thought I [was]in my early 50s.”

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