11 Make-Up Tricks And Skincare Tips From TikTok’s Biggest Beauty Stars


For a while now, TikTok has been disrupting the beauty landscape with its viral hair and make-up trends and DIY videos. It’s also given rise to a new wave of talent, pushing the boundaries of what make-up can do when used as a vehicle for self-expression. But TikTok is a big place — sometimes overwhelmingly so — which is why we’ve brought together some of the platform’s leading beauty stars to share their favourite tips. From Abby Roberts’ guide to super pigmented eyeshadow to the Nel twins’ eye-widening technique, whether you’re looking to update your skincare routine or revamp your entire look, these are the best TikTok-certified tricks to know now.

Shanae and Renae Nel (@shanaeandrenae)

From raiding their mum’s make-up bag aged eight to launching their own beauty brand Gloss Twins at the start of 2020, twins Shanae and Renae Nel, 20, are taking the industry by storm. With 1.2 million followers on TikTok, the British ‘twinfluencers’ are celebrated for their relatable, often humorous skits and their uncompromising skills when it comes to glam make-up.

Beauty tip:

“The eyes are the main focus of the face and we love how make-up can enhance their size and colour. To make our small eyes appear larger, we use white eyeliner.”

Abby Roberts (@abbyrartistry)

Eighteen-year-old Abby Roberts can trace her earliest beauty memory back to Halloween, aged seven, where she transformed herself into a corpse bride using all of her mother’s make-up. Fast-forward to today, and the Leeds native delights her fans worldwide with her mesmerising pop culture-inspired transformations.

Beauty tip:

“People always ask me how to get super pigmented eyeshadow and the answer to that is, either use a concealer or a primer — one that has a sticky thick base and doesn’t dry super matte. That way, when you put it on that slightly wet base, your eyeshadow has something to stick to and makes the colour pop a lot more.”

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