10 Breast Cancer Nutrition Myths You Shouldn’t Follow


Eating for better breast health

If you’re at higher risk of developing cancer, are currently undergoing treatment or are a survivor, you no doubt know that you need to pay attention to what you’re eating to keep yourself healthy and keep the cancer at bay.

But what exactly to eat – and when – isn’t always straightforward. Nutritional information is constantly evolving, which can be confusing. As such, many myths about how best to eat for breast cancer health abound.

Why nutritional myths live on

“Behind every nutrition myth, there’s a kernel of truth,” says Cathy Leman, a dietitian, personal trainer, nutrition therapist, speaker, writer and breast cancer survivor based in Chicago.

The reasons they live on are many, including:

Many health care professionals are taught little about nutrition and may not have confidence in their knowledge or inadvertently share outdated or incorrect information.
Some may provide only limited information or not have good answers for patients with regard to nutrition, which can be confusing for the patient.
Nutritional science is continually evolving, and what might have been true a few years ago, may now look different with additional evidence.
Sensationalized reports about nutrition studies sometimes misrepresent or exaggerate findings.

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