10 Best Lower Ab Workouts for a Strong Core, According to Personal Trainers


The muscles in your abdominal cavity include the obliques (external and internal), traverse abdominis, and rectus abdominis. While there isn’t a lower ab muscle per se, working your entire core is important for creating stability throughout the body. Many ab workouts will have the upper parts of your abdominals — as well as the obliques — on fire, but there are certainly core exercises that involve the lower portion of the abdominals (as well as the glutes and hips).

Fitness experts from the Good Housekeeping Institute chatted with celebrity personal trainers Dannah Bollig and Don-A-Matrix, both known for their killer core workouts, to bring you the best lower ab workouts for a strong core. You can start by picking three movements and performing them in a tabata style routine, where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Try completing this four to eight times through, then rest for a whole minute before moving on to the next exercise.

Celebrity personal trainer and BODYARMOR ambassador Don-A-Matrix is known for sculpting physiques of the Kardashians and professional athletes. He says that if you’re not seeing results with your ab workouts right away, just be patient. “Stay with it. Results don’t happen overnight and there are going to be times when you want to give-up, but it’s important to keep going. We all feel that way – celebrities, athletes, etc. – it’s just a matter of getting up and getting through it because you know that you’ll feel better and accomplished afterwards once you do start to see those results.”